Book Review: Mood Magick by Ora North

Mood Magick Review

Book Review: Mood Magick by Ora North

Mood Magick by Ora North is a book that explores the connection between wellness spells and rituals through a series of easy-to-do exercises.

It is highly recommended for anyone seeking to improve their mental health and find balance in an uncertain world.

The author covers various topics related to mental health, exercises, grounding, and setting intentions, focusing on managing stress and anxiety.

The book encourages readers to familiarize themselves with the four elements – fire, water, earth, and air – and use them to influence and balance their moods.

The book starts with lessons on grounding and setting intentions, laying a strong foundation for the practices and spells that follow.

The activities mainly include visualizations to discover positive and negative personal associations with the four elements.
By doing so, readers can balance and influence their moods positively.

The author’s easy-to-follow activities include visualizing a red light rising through the root chakra and white light descending through the crown chakra to meet at the heart chakra and create a soft pink glow.

These exercises empower readers to connect with nature’s energies and create positive life changes. The book describes persons working with the energies of nature to create change as witches.

The author emphasizes that the spells defined in this book are for peace and healing, aiming to create stability and safety.

These spells inspire self-awareness and change behaviors through repeated practice, empowering practitioners to make their spells care personalized magick.

Overall, Mood Magick by Ora North offers practical spells and rituals to help people improve their mental health.

By empowering readers to create personalized magick, the book encourages them to take control of their emotional well-being and achieve greater balance and happiness in their lives.

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