Cycling and Weight loss: can cycling lose weight – The Ultimate Guide

can cycling lose weight

If you’re contemplating whether cycling and weight closely connected or can cycling lose weight, the response is yes! Cycling in any form outdoors or indoors has been perceived as a successful type of activity for shedding pounds and working on overall wellbeing.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

can cycling lose weight

Cycling isn’t just a low-impact type of activity that is kind with your joints, yet it helps consume a lot of calories, making it an optimal action for weight reduction but it tends to be difficult to tell where to begin. In this article, we’ll jump into the best approach for involving cycling to shed pounds in a sound and economical manner.

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Understanding the basics of weight loss

How cycling works for weight loss

Before we plunge into the points of interest of involving cycling for weight reduction, understanding the nuts and bolts of weight reduction is significant. Weight reduction comes down to making a calorie deficit. This implies that you consume a larger number of calories than you polish off through food and drink. At the point when you’re in a calorie deficit, your body goes to its fat stores for energy, which brings weight loss.

Role of exercise in weight loss

While diet is the main factor for creating calorie deficiency, exercise can also assume a part in weight loss. Workout consumes calories, which can assist you with making the calorie deficit that you really want for losing weight.

Furthermore, exercise can assist with building lean muscles, increase metabolism that help maintain weight loss easier after some time.

Benefits of cycling for weight loss

How cycling consumes calories

Cycling is a phenomenal type of exertion for weight loss since it consumes a lot of calories.   The number of calories you consume while cycling relies upon factors like your weight, the intensity of your exercise, and the terrain you are cycling on, but on an average, you can anticipate to consume around 400- 600 calories each hour of cycling. 

Calories Burned Calculator 

Low- impact nature of cycling

One additional advantage of cycling for weight loss is that it’s low- impact.   This implies that it’s kind with your joints, making it an ideal type of exertion for individuals who might be carrying more weight or have joint torment.  Moreover, cycling is a non-weight bearing exertion, and it does not put pressure on your bones, making it a safe choice for individuals, who are at threat of osteoporosis.

Fun and varied exercise choices

An extraordinary aspect regarding cycling is that there are various ways to do it. You can ride outside on a street bike, hit the trails on an off-road bicycle, or jump on an exercise bike at the gym. These varieties can assist keeping your exercises fascinating and prevent boredom, which can be a typical issue with different types of activities.

Getting started with cycling for weight loss

Picking the right bicycle

Before jumping into cycling for weight loss, you will need to pick the right bike. There are many types of bike for different requirements like road bike is for riding on the road. Similarly, stationary bike is for those, who prefer to remain indoors and mountain bike is dirt trails or mountainous terrain.

Safety tips for cycling

Cycling is generally a safe exercise, but it requires some safety precautions to avoid getting injured.

  • Never try to ride on a bike without wearing helmet.
  • Never do ride with a fault in a bike. Bike must always be in good working condition.
  • Never break traffic rules.
  • Signal to other bikers and drivers on your turns.

Finding a workout routine that works for you

Make a workout routine that works for you is the key to using cycling for weight loss like fix a certain amount of time each day for cycling or challenge yourself by doing interval training or hill repeats. The most important thing is to make a routine that gives you the feel of joy instead of boredom, supporting you to carry this routine to over the long period.

Strategies for maximizing weight loss with cycling

Interval training

Interval training revolves around periods of high-intensity cycling and periods of rest. The tendency of burning more calories in less time makes Interval training an ideal option for people with shortage of time but want to get a good workout in.

Hill repeats

In this type of cycling, the biker repeats the process of riding the bike up the hill and then coming down multiple times. This type of cycling is great way to develop strength and endurance along with high calories burn.

Increasing the duration and intensity of your workouts

There is a universal formula for weight loss no matter what type of workout you do – the more you do, the more calories you burn.  In order to galvanize the process of your weight loss through cycling,  you need to gradually increase the duration and intensity of your workouts over time i.e. add additional 10 minutes to your ride every week, or increase the resistance on your stationary bike.


How much weight can you lose cycling everyday?

The amount of weight loss everyday through cycling depends on the intensity and duration of cycling, fitness level, diet and lifestyle habits.
The British Journal of Sports Medicine said that individuals lose significant amounts of weight by cycling at least 30 minutes per day.
Cycling helps burn calories and boost metabolism and both are vital to weight loss thus an individual can easily burn 400 to 1000 calories per hour of cycling with right combination of a healthy diet and lifestyle habits.

Where do you lose weight when cycling?

Regular intense cycling can help individuals to tone the lower body muscles including quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, leading to a leaner and more toned appearance in the legs and glutes.
Additionally, cycling can also stabilize the core muscles like abdominals and lower back muscles.
It is noted that cycling may not lead to any targeted weight loss in any specific areas of the body but it can be effective for burning calories and developing muscle tone of the body.

A Word from Blogzah

You need to pick the right bike with all safety precautions, and finding a suitable workout routine to make cycling an incredible way to lose weight without creating additional pressure on the joints. Need to remember, weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit, so combination of cycling with a healthy diet can only produce best results.


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